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Beltramo's Wines & Spirits
1540 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Monday-Friday: 10:00am-7:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am-7:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:30pm

(650) 325-2806
(888) 710-WINE(9463)
Fax (650) 323-8450

Party Checklist


Beltramo's Party Check List
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Qty Size   Size Qty   Size Qty  
    Red Wine    (bar)     Club Soda or Seltzer     Plastic Champagne Glasses
    White Wine (bar)     Tonic - Reg &/or Diet     Plastic HiBall glasses
    Red Wine    (meal)     7 Up  -  Reg. &/or Diet     Plastic Old Fashion Glasses
    White Wine (meal)     Coke -  Reg. &/or Diet     Plastic Wine Glasses
    Champagne     Coke - Caffeine Free     Champagne Glasses
    Different wines for      Other soft Drinks     HiBall Glasses
      different courses     Cranberry Juice     Old Fashion Glasses
    Dessert Wines such as     Orange Juice     Wine Glasses
    Port or a Late harvest wine     Grapefruit Juice     Dessert Wine Glasses
    Bourbon     Sparkling Cider     Punch Cups
    Gin     Mineral Water - Sparkling     Beer Cups
    Scotch     Mineral Water - Plain     Coffee Cups / styro
    Scotch - Single Malt     Mineral Water - w/Fruit     Punch Bowl & Ladle
    Vodka     Coffee     Wine Spit bucket
    Brandy / Cognac     Ice tea     Tubs
    Calvados  / Argmanac     Lemonade     Bartenders & Servers
    Canadian Whiskey     Punch      Bar Towels
    Grappa or a Eau de Vie      Tea     Bottle opener
    Irish or Rye Whiskey     Bitters (Angostura)     Cocktail shaker
    Rum / Tequila     Bloody Mary Mix     Cork Screws
    Cordials:     Daiquiri Mix     Electric Blender
      Amaretto or Lemoncello     Mai Tai Mix     Garbage Containers
      B&B or Benedictine     Sweet & Sour Mix     Ice Buckets
      Cointreau / Triple Sec     Rose's Lime Juice     Jigger / Measuring Glass
      Drambuie     Other Prepared Mixes     Knifes for Bar
      Grand Marnier     Grenadine     Lime/Lemon squeezer
      Irish Cream Liqueur     Orange Flower Water     Long stirring Spoon
      Kahlua or Tia Maria     Salt (for Margaritas)     Mixing Glasses & Strainer
      Other Fruit Liqueur     Salt and Pepper     Muddler (wood)
    Aperitifs:     Superfine Sugar/Bar Syrup     Pitchers for water
      Campari / Jagermeister     Tabasco Sauce     Plate for pits / toothpicks
      Creme de Cassis / Picon     Nuts and Chips     Pouring Spouts
      Dry Sherry     Hors D'oeuvres     Snack Bowls
    Dry Vermouth     Cherries   (optional)     Straws & Stirrers
    Sweet Vermouth     Olives      (optional)     Tablecloths
    Domestic Beer     Onions     (optional)     Tables
    Imported Beer     Lemons     Trays
    Micro Brew     Limes     Party Favors
    Non-alcoholic Beer     Cocktail Napkin's     Party parking
    Keg Beer     Toothpicks     Seating
          ICE (for cocktails)      
          ICE (for chilling)      
Being a good host includes instructing your bartender on how much you would like poured and providing the bartender with a measuring glass. One and one half  (1-1/2) ounces is a typical pour for liquor in a drink. As the host, you are responsible for the safety of your guests.